Environmental Noise Pollution is a global problem causing serious 

health issues and costing hundreds of billions of dollars annually.


Without Zerosound, noise from traffic, construction and loud equipment invades our lives:  

  • Noise pollution has a major social and territorial impact and generates a very high financial cost for towns, estimated at 0.4 % ($76 Bn USD) of the European Union's total GDP.

  • 90% of city participants studied were exposed to sound levels exceeding standards

  • Environmental noise exposure is responsible for a range of health effects, including increased risk of heart disease as well as sleep disturbance, cognitive impairment among children, annoyance, stress-related mental health risks, and tinnitus

  • Noise pollution decreases nearby property values, increases health costs and reduces productivity

  • "The presence of an airport could cause properties in near proximity to sell up to 20% lower than the average of homes in the next concentric circle," says Davies. According to a realtor.com study, sellers of homes within a 2-mile radius of an airport will discount prices 13.2% from the going rate of other homes in the same ZIP code; sellers will also offer discounts for close proximity to railway tracks (12.3%) and highways (11.3%). (Realtor.com)

  • An analyses suggest that a 5 dB noise reduction scenario would reduce the prevalence of hypertension by 1.4% and coronary heart disease by 1.8%. The annual economic benefit is estimated at $3.9 billion.