About Us

Calgary based Zerosound has invented a ground-breaking technology to commercially address global noise pollution that impacts where consumers and industry live and work. With Zerosound, sound waves are mitigated and/or cancelled on impact, in real time, continuously.  Unlike traditional noise abatement/cancellation methods, Zerosound can be used in tiny spaces, large areas and every noise congested space in between.  

Our purpose is to help people choose how they enjoy the beauty of sound and enhance their quality of life.  With our Patent Pending technologies, our mission is to disrupt the Active Noise Control and traditional noise insulation markets while setting new performance standards in noise control for the multiple industries we serve.


Management is headed up by two experienced leaders: Norm Bogner, president and Ray Sobol, CTO. As president of Zerosound Asia KK, Patricia Bader-Johnston heads up our Yokohama-based subsidiary.  

Product development comes from technologists and engineers either on staff or contracted as we require them.

Advisors, both formal and informal contribute from areas of finance, engineering, marketing, research and commercialization.

Bennett Jones LLP, Calgary, provides guidance on patents, business matters and global license strategies.